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AROE is an OG graf writer from Brighton, with ties to BMX going as far back as the first Backyard Jams, and he’s someone who’s work we love. His instagram account got deleted this week on nearly 50k, not sure why, but he’s back at it and posting banger pieces like this daily. Go and follow his new account for more! @Aroe_MSK Fingers crossed we will working on some projects with him in the future…


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We got tagged in this on Instagram, that pooch is a G. If you want to follow us/send us your pics, our Instagram is @DUBBMX


DSC_0039 NEW

Our first ever caps are on the way, they’ll be dropping in a few weeks, keep an eye out!

Joe Jarvis DUB edit…

Joe Jarvis is the newest and youngest member of the crew at 17, but he absolutely smashes it… Enjoy.

Benny L…


Check out this piece of Ben that someone posted on Instagram this week… So sick! The artist is @yesah99 on Insta if you want to check him out.



We came across some more copies of the Homegrown DVD, they’re now available on the store at half price £4.99.

Bruno Hoffmann…

Bruno + the homies Perrin, Simone and Kriss Kyle all kill it in this new Red Bull edit, it’s all indoors but there’s plenty of crazy grinds!

Joe Jarvis…


Joe Jarvis has been putting in work for his very first DUB edit, it should be wrapped up in the next week or 2 so keep an eye out… Joe is a weapon.