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Substance Jam

Joe Jarvis and Paley went in at the Substance Jam at the weekend, and so did everybody else, check out the hammers in the edit… Joe Jarvis walked away with a wad of cash, and everybody had a good time. We’ll definitely be sponsoring next years Substance Jam!

That New New…


Our new Crown long sleeve tees just dropped, you can check them out HERE.

Paley Grips


Check out Paley’s new grips from BSD, available at all good BMX stores now!


Above Below is now available for pre-order on iTunes… You can get both parts for just £5, in full HD, and all money raised goes to the ARF (Athlete Recovery Fund) a charity who help injured riders in the states who can’t afford medical bills after bad crashes, so it’s all for a good cause! The best £5 you’ll spend this year.

Rebel Jam…

Check out the official Van Rebel Jam video, Congrats again to Bruno for winning the creativity prize! That oppo ice manny ice hard line is FIRE…

The worldwide Premiere for Above Below took place on Thursday nought in Leicester Square, London, and our man Jay Bean was on hand to get reactions from all the people in attendance… After many drinks of course, haha.



Get down to this if you can! First come first served as far as entry goes, It’s going to be epic!!!

5-Panel Caps…


Our first ever 5-Panel caps are here and available on our site – – Check them out! Free shipping + stickers as always…