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More NASS Street…

Here’s Sam Baskett’s edit of the Street and Park events at NASS, There’s a load more clips in here and some better angles of some stuff, definitely worth a watch. Millsy cracked the wooden floor on that wallride attempt!

Benny L is over in LA at the moment with FitBikeCo, and he got to ride at the Etnies warehouse… I know he’s been waiting to ride it for a while, and he absolutely killed it off in one session by the looks of it! Hopefully this will make up for the ticket Ben got for riding street on his first day there…

Fit also have a new edit of Pat King  forgotten footage, not quite sure how they forgot about it, but you can click HERE to watch it.

DUB Mailing List…

We now have a mailing list to go along with the new site, we wont be spamming everyone to death, but we will be sending around one e-mail a month, with any sneak peeks at new products or videos, discount codes and special offers.

If you want to subscribe, the sign up form is on the “mailing list” link at the bottom of the page , First e-mail goes out today with a 10% discount code for our online store….

Lacey at the X-Games











Lacey has been staying with us for the last 2 months, pretty much since the end of Ride to Glory, but he left yesterday to go back to Hastings before heading to LA for the X-Games. Good luck boss, and Happy Birthday!

NASS Street event video.

Here’s the video of the Relentless NASS Street event. Lacey and myself designed the course, and there was a load of sick riders there, so it went off.

Lacey got first and Bruno got second, Benny L got 6th and Olly Evans got 9th, sick fucking guys. Loads of stuff got done that isn’t in this edit, so hopefully another edit will turn up soon.

Word is that Relentless and NASS want it to be even bigger and better next year, so keep an eye out, the streets are taking over…












Alex has an album of photos from Ride to Glory up on It’s more chill photos that riding pics, but definitely still worth a look! Click to picture!

Bruno came over to stay with Lacey for a few days last month and they filmed this banger of an edit, Sick fucking guys. Lacey has been staying with us for the last 5 weeks, and Bruno has been over a few times in the last few months, and they’ve both been clocking hammers for the DUB DVD… It’s coming… soon.

Here’s the trailer for our Ride to Glory edit, the magazine come’s out on July 18th with the DVD, and then the edit’s ill be online a few weeks later. All the riders smashed it and Mayol killed it on the edit too, so hopefully we’ll do a bit better than 4th in the voting haha…

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